Never Throw Away Foods – 795 Million People Are in Hunger

Have you ever been hungry and starved for few meals? If you are not you are very lucky. According to the world food programme there are around 795 millions of people who don’t get enough food and facilities to sustain healthy life. Many of them found in developing countries.

Today we are going to show you something you never expect to hear or see. Do you know that there are people who live in constant hunger are used to eat things that we never able to eat or even think about it. Pagpag is name of this food. It’s made from the discarded food items from the restaurants. Consuming pagpag is highly risky as they are something people have already eaten. But been in hunger is more difficult. So the next time when you throw away extra food think of the people who live in hunger.

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  1. Dhammika Sumedha August 14, 2016

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